Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet Lovely Desserts

Sometimes when I eat, I feel something is missing if I didn't order / eat any desserts.. Of course this feeling don't always some whenever or whatever happened.. Just in some times and some places (especially the place where known by their great dessert).. I like to eat them, because they give me happy feelings whenever I ate them.. hehe.. it's just too much

In my opinion, dessert have to be sweet, cold, either fruity or creamy or both.. :)
I don't really like the hot - fried one, and i found an article which said that fried desserts can cause may problem to out health.. hehe

So, here are their pics!

Coconut Pudding - Clover Restaurant (Central Park Jakarta)
Though I'm not fond of coconut (neither the fruit, water, nor the milk), I really like this coconut pudding! It's fresh! :6

Haagen Dazs Ice cream cake :P

Strawberry Cheese Cake - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)
This is bro's favorite dessert! All about strawberries and cheese! :D

Matcha Dorayaki Tower - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)
Well, one of my favorite ice cream flavor is green tea, so I ordered this right away after saw it on the menu.. :D

Es Cendol - Glodok
I'm not talking about the Padang Satay.. Hehe.. Just focused on the Cendol on the right side.. :)
It's really tasty with the smell of pandan and suji leaves.. My favorite one is "cendol bandung" which sold in Glodok..

Green Tea Roppan Dessert Toast (can't remember the name) - Roppan (Living World Alam Sutera)
I ate this with all of my family members (dad, mom, 2 younger bro).. They all said that this is amazing! :D

Banana Split - Ragusa Veteran

Cassara Siciliana (If I'm not mistaken) - Ragusa Veteran

Forgot the name - Ragusa Veteran

Spaghetti Ice Cream - Ragusa Veteran

Nougat - Ragusa Veteran
Ragusa is a legendary ice cream store in Jakarta. Until now, they process all their ice cream in a traditional way and taste so good, though they melt quickly. It's known as Italian ice cream, but I don't know whether it's right or wrong.

Green tea parfait - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)
This is what I want to eat at my first visit to Mr Curry, but I wasn't lucky that night because all parfait was sold out. Then in the next few weeks I came back and got it! :D

Egg Tart - Xiang Garden (Mangga Dua Square)
Maybe one of you realized that this picture also seen in my last post. Yeah, this is one of the desserts that served in Dim Sum eating session, besides any kind of puddings.. :)

Fruit Soup - Takor FISIP UI
In Indonesia, we call it SOP BUAH and can be translated in English as FRUIT SOUP. It contains all kinds of fruit (could be apples, pears, strawberries, jackfruit, dragonfruit, watermelon, melon, soursop, etc) with ice and sweetened condensed milk (and sometimes they also add some cocopandan syrup)

Of course I've eaten more than what I can captured, and now i still trying to find another delicious dessert to try.. Now, I'm looking for jarcakes that sold near me, it seems like it is really fun eating a cake that baked in a jar..

interesting, isn't it? I promised that whenever I got this, I'll post it to share how does it taste like.. :D

Photo taken by : me
Using Samsung Galaxy S II


  1. Whoa those are some cool desserts. They look so delicious and huge!

    1. Yup! They are delicious! :)
      I think you must try all of them.. :D

  2. weeeew i want it all i want it all. like i wanna jump!!!!