Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another kind of dim sum..

I just posted something about dim sum last week and you know what, last Sunday I ate dim sum but not in the same restaurant like I posted before.. This time I ate dim sum in Xiang Garden - Mangga Dua Square.. That's my first time to eat dim sum there and i must say it's an accident being there eating dim sum, because we just walk away and suddenly looked at the promotion banner.. They're giving discount up to 50% F&B.. So, me and my mom (plus my 2 brothers) just go straight there..

First we arrived at the restaurant, I have bad feeling about the food.. I'm actually afraid about how the food would taste there, since I've ever got some terrible dim sum.. haha.. Then I ordered Har Gao, Shew Mai, Taro dumplings, scallop har gao, and a very unique pao named "Bakpao Luisa"..

Yup! this is it! This is what they call bakpao luisa.. These pig face shaped pao are really cute!! The waiter said that it filled with egg and cheese.. When I ate them it taste like SRIKAYA (indonesian made coconut + egg jam).. But never mind, it's delicious! :D

taro dumplings
In my last post I dont upload the photo of taro dumplings, and I did it here! it's garnished in a good way so that it looks like a swan.. :P

scallop har gao
Nothing special with this har gao, except the scallop.. it tastes the same as normal har gao but it has scallop.. that's all..

Tan tart / egg tart
For dessert, we ordered this.. We all know what it's feel like in our tounge, sweet melted egg custard.. Yummy!

After eating this dim sum, we also ordered a la carte menu, but I forgot to captured them.. :'(
Just info, we ordered fried pork rib w/ strawberry sauce.. Gosh! it tastes very fresh and delicious.. My mom said, even if I captured them, it will just look like another fried pork rib w/ normal sweet and sour sauce.. haha

maybe next time, i'll try another restaurant that served dim sum like this.. :)
By the way, I just installed instagram in my phone, but now i can't post them because of some problem, I'll post it soon.. :)

Photo taken by : me
Using Samsung Galaxy S II