Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Japanese Mochiii :D

Last Sunday me, mom, and my youngest bro went to LAWSON Station.. This is the first time we try to go to LAWSON Station Gajah Mada, near my house.. The nearest one from my house.. :)
I went there and found japanese mochi that wrap many choices of toppings.. The toppings available is strawberry, peach, and black forest.. Then I took the peach one and order 1 tuna onigiri.. :P

Tuna onigiri & Mochi w/ Peach topping

Actually my mom order Gyu don and it's not bad.. My bro order lasagna.. he didn't like it much, but my mom really like the lasagna.. :D

Photo taken by me..
Using SAMSUNG Galaxy SII


Finally, I found a jarcake at home! haha..
It's not me who bought that, it's my bro.. I feel a bit wierd about that, how come my bro bought it as he isn't a fan of cake.. :P
Then I asked him what made him bought this cake in all of sudden even if I didn't tell him that I want this cake so much.. and he just replied my question with this answer "I bought it because I'm helping a friend of mine"..
Haha.. He is helping his friend's that got a campus assessment to sell 100 products / person.. Isn't he sweet? :)

Red Velvet~~~

Rainbow Cake~~~

Looks good right?? I have no other advice, except "Go on, TRY IT!" :D

Photo taken by me
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Korean Food

About 2 or 3 months ago, my campus re-open a korean restaurant, but the owner is different than before.. it's named SORAK.. It was having a promotion, so me & my friends think to try it.. Then, we go to SORAK to try some menu.. Here it comes!

spoon & chopsticks
Look at that chopsticks! it not like other chinese chopsticks.. The shape is unique, but it's uncomfortable for.. hahaha

Tiffani & Debora

Me & Askar

Debora's excitement
Yup! They are my friends that came along with me eating korean food here.. We all really excited to try the food, and going a lil' bit "norak".. :)

Teo Pok Ki
Teopokki made from rice flour and serve with spicy gochujang sauce.. It's one of the most popular korean snack..

It taste like beef teriyaki in japanese restaurant.. :D

Sundubu Jjigae
It's a tofu with spicy hot soup.. The tofu is really soft! I like it.. :)

FYI, the old korean restaurant we have before, has moved to our integrated library around 6months ago.. Then, a month ago I go there to eat with another friend, but I can't remember what's the name of this food.. Kind of "soun goreng" in Indonesia, but they use sesame oil.. it taste good..
Jap Chae

It sounds like "spaghetti", but it's really different from spaghetti.. haha.. I can't describe how did it taste like, maybe in simple way I could just say it taste like fried instant noodle.. :P

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Something from Turkey

I just recalling what I and my family have done last year.. Then I found out something fun..
My parents went to the biggest city in Turkey.. Yup Istanbul!
It's a free trip, kind of reward for them as they give a great effort for the business, and they get some cash too.. Eventhough me & my bro can't came along, we still feel happy since there will be something that bought for us.. And as I say, my parents bought so many things (most of them are snacks :9)

From all kind of snakcs that bought for us, I was very excited to try this :

Indonesia has LAYS too, but I guess it's gonna taste different..
And..... It taste really different from Indonesian LAYS!
It's salty but not taste like too much MSG.. It taste really natural, just slightly salty.. :)

Then my dad give me & my bro some chocolate snacks.. FYI, my dad really really love chocolate.. He could eat so many of them in the same time.. Me, myself don't really like these snacks because they're too sweet and make me wanna throw up..

it looks tempting huh?

Another snacks that my parents bought are biscuits.. I found it really delicious.. love it <3

Then, my mom bought some almonds and other kind of nuts.. Many people said that turkish nuts are really delicious so there are many people bought them to be given to their relations as a gift from Turkey..

Actually, my mom also bought many other kind of snacks such as Turkish Delight, which is taste too sweet and it's hurting my teeth. I forgot to take a pict of them, so I download an actual pict of them.. 

Turkish delight. Source :

Based on wikipedia description, Turkish delight or Lokum is a family of confections based on a gel of strach and sugar. premium varieties consist largely of chopped hazelnuts, dates, pistachios, and any other kind of nuts. It may taste delicious for people who really love sweet food.. But not me! :D

My parents also shared how's life there.. I thought Turkey is safe enough or at least more secure than Indonesia, but then I found it same like Indonesia. My mom said that there's even more dangerous than Indonesia. Well, before my parents went there, I've searched some info about it, and I found many article that talking about crime in Turkey, but I don't really take them seriously until I heard my mom's story.. When they are free and have time to go around the hotel, there's one of my dad's friend was fooled by local people that sells wine.. Then when my parents wanna go somewhere by tour's bus and trapped in a traffic jam, they saw a (looks like) normal young man pretend to be a beggar and torn away a bride's wedding gown just because she don't want to give him money.. 

Then I realized, that I must be grateful for this country conditions, because there are many other more dangerous country in this world.. :'(

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