Saturday, April 28, 2012

Polusi Udara?

Yak.. Seminggu ini saya belum ngepost apa2.. hehe..
Kali ini, post dengan bahasa Indonesia saya buat karena saya ingin menyampaikan topik yang sangat khas tentang isu kehidupan sehari-hari masyarakat Indonesia.. Polusi udara.. haha..
Kenapa? Karena tiba2 seorang teman men-share video ini di akun FB-nya dan saya tertawa terbahak-bahak sejenak melihat tingkah laku pemeran video ini.. Check it out!

Yak.. di awal video saya ga nyaka kalo yang dibahas adalah masalah asap rokok.. Tapi memang ini yang menjadi masalah banyak orang.. Asap rokok ada dimana-mana.. Di Mall, di kampus, di toko, di jalan, di rumah (kalau ada yang anggota keluarganya merokok).. Jujur saya kesal dengan orang yang merokok.. Apalagi orang yang merokok itu orang yang kurang mampu secara ekonomi.. Di satu sisi mereka minta dikasihani, tapi di sisi lain, mereka lebih mementingkan rokok, bahkan lebih daripada makanan untuk anak-anaknya..

Saya pernah menemukan orangtua mahasiswa yang penghasilannya tiap bulan hanya Rp 2jt, tapi budget rokoknya lebih dari Rp 300.000,- per bulan.. tiap semester total uang yang habis untuk rokok lebih dari Rp 1.800.000,-.. Dan beliau meminta keringanan untuk uang kuliah anaknya.. Saya rasa itu ga masuk akal.. Seorang ayah menghabiskan 3/20 dari penghasilannya hanya untuk kesenangannya sendiri yang bahkan merusak kesehatannya sendiri dan kesehatan keluarganya juga..

Selain itu, saya pernah bertemu seorang teman yang saking addict-nya sama rokok, walaupun dia udah divonis dokter mengidap bronkhitis & bolak balik rumah sakit karena ternyata ada flek di paru-parunya, malah tetap merokok dengan lancar jaya sampe sekarang.. Selamat menempuh hidup yang lebih "indah" ya, sobat.. hahaha

No offense buat yang merokok, tapi coba deh pikirin lagi kalo teman2 ga merokok seminggu, uangnya bisa dipake buat beli apa.. Kalo setahun gimana? Coba deh, setiap kalian membakar sebatang rokok, kalian  bayangin kalian itu sedang bakar uang dua ribuan. Atau kalau mau yang ekstrim cobain deh bakar uang sepuluh ribuan trus dihisap.. nyesek ga sih?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet Lovely Desserts

Sometimes when I eat, I feel something is missing if I didn't order / eat any desserts.. Of course this feeling don't always some whenever or whatever happened.. Just in some times and some places (especially the place where known by their great dessert).. I like to eat them, because they give me happy feelings whenever I ate them.. hehe.. it's just too much

In my opinion, dessert have to be sweet, cold, either fruity or creamy or both.. :)
I don't really like the hot - fried one, and i found an article which said that fried desserts can cause may problem to out health.. hehe

So, here are their pics!

Coconut Pudding - Clover Restaurant (Central Park Jakarta)
Though I'm not fond of coconut (neither the fruit, water, nor the milk), I really like this coconut pudding! It's fresh! :6

Haagen Dazs Ice cream cake :P

Strawberry Cheese Cake - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)
This is bro's favorite dessert! All about strawberries and cheese! :D

Matcha Dorayaki Tower - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)
Well, one of my favorite ice cream flavor is green tea, so I ordered this right away after saw it on the menu.. :D

Es Cendol - Glodok
I'm not talking about the Padang Satay.. Hehe.. Just focused on the Cendol on the right side.. :)
It's really tasty with the smell of pandan and suji leaves.. My favorite one is "cendol bandung" which sold in Glodok..

Green Tea Roppan Dessert Toast (can't remember the name) - Roppan (Living World Alam Sutera)
I ate this with all of my family members (dad, mom, 2 younger bro).. They all said that this is amazing! :D

Banana Split - Ragusa Veteran

Cassara Siciliana (If I'm not mistaken) - Ragusa Veteran

Forgot the name - Ragusa Veteran

Spaghetti Ice Cream - Ragusa Veteran

Nougat - Ragusa Veteran
Ragusa is a legendary ice cream store in Jakarta. Until now, they process all their ice cream in a traditional way and taste so good, though they melt quickly. It's known as Italian ice cream, but I don't know whether it's right or wrong.

Green tea parfait - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)
This is what I want to eat at my first visit to Mr Curry, but I wasn't lucky that night because all parfait was sold out. Then in the next few weeks I came back and got it! :D

Egg Tart - Xiang Garden (Mangga Dua Square)
Maybe one of you realized that this picture also seen in my last post. Yeah, this is one of the desserts that served in Dim Sum eating session, besides any kind of puddings.. :)

Fruit Soup - Takor FISIP UI
In Indonesia, we call it SOP BUAH and can be translated in English as FRUIT SOUP. It contains all kinds of fruit (could be apples, pears, strawberries, jackfruit, dragonfruit, watermelon, melon, soursop, etc) with ice and sweetened condensed milk (and sometimes they also add some cocopandan syrup)

Of course I've eaten more than what I can captured, and now i still trying to find another delicious dessert to try.. Now, I'm looking for jarcakes that sold near me, it seems like it is really fun eating a cake that baked in a jar..

interesting, isn't it? I promised that whenever I got this, I'll post it to share how does it taste like.. :D

Photo taken by : me
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Favourite (Sinful) Onigiri!

Suddenly I remember i haven't eat onigiri (japanese rice ball) almost in two weeks..
yeah.. there's someone who sells onigiri in my campus and since we are having mid test now, he/she don't sell it in these two weeks..

Honestly, I haven't eat the original one which I believe it will be very different from what I eat here, but I really like the taste of this onigiri.. The price is a bit higher than other snack, Rp 10.000 now.. 

Me and my friend call it "Sinful Onigiri" because it really feels like calling us to buy and eat them on and on if they're available in the shop (named "KOPMA") and of course because it drains away our wallet.. :D
The variant that sold here is Tuna-Mayo, Salmon-Mayo, and Chicken Teriyaki-Mayo.. From these three choices, Tuna-Mayo is my favourite one.. All of this onigiri were packed in a special onigiri plastics.. I'm glad to use it.. Really helpful!

Yes! It's my favourite one! :D

Here is the instruction, how to open the packaging




This is it!! :D

The filling - Tuna + Mayonnaise.. Nom nom nom..

Interesting, isnt it?? The packaging is very unique and just made for onigiri.. My mom said that this onigiri special plastic has it own patent.. Cool!

As I said from last post that I will post my instagram photo result, so here it is :)

Photo taken by : me
Using Samsung Galaxy S II - instagram

Another kind of dim sum..

I just posted something about dim sum last week and you know what, last Sunday I ate dim sum but not in the same restaurant like I posted before.. This time I ate dim sum in Xiang Garden - Mangga Dua Square.. That's my first time to eat dim sum there and i must say it's an accident being there eating dim sum, because we just walk away and suddenly looked at the promotion banner.. They're giving discount up to 50% F&B.. So, me and my mom (plus my 2 brothers) just go straight there..

First we arrived at the restaurant, I have bad feeling about the food.. I'm actually afraid about how the food would taste there, since I've ever got some terrible dim sum.. haha.. Then I ordered Har Gao, Shew Mai, Taro dumplings, scallop har gao, and a very unique pao named "Bakpao Luisa"..

Yup! this is it! This is what they call bakpao luisa.. These pig face shaped pao are really cute!! The waiter said that it filled with egg and cheese.. When I ate them it taste like SRIKAYA (indonesian made coconut + egg jam).. But never mind, it's delicious! :D

taro dumplings
In my last post I dont upload the photo of taro dumplings, and I did it here! it's garnished in a good way so that it looks like a swan.. :P

scallop har gao
Nothing special with this har gao, except the scallop.. it tastes the same as normal har gao but it has scallop.. that's all..

Tan tart / egg tart
For dessert, we ordered this.. We all know what it's feel like in our tounge, sweet melted egg custard.. Yummy!

After eating this dim sum, we also ordered a la carte menu, but I forgot to captured them.. :'(
Just info, we ordered fried pork rib w/ strawberry sauce.. Gosh! it tastes very fresh and delicious.. My mom said, even if I captured them, it will just look like another fried pork rib w/ normal sweet and sour sauce.. haha

maybe next time, i'll try another restaurant that served dim sum like this.. :)
By the way, I just installed instagram in my phone, but now i can't post them because of some problem, I'll post it soon.. :)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Small tempting Dim Sum!

Hello! I'm back :D
This is mid test week, but don't think about it! Just think about food and leisure.. hahahaha
Okay, just talk about this post.. 

Since I'm chinese Indonesian, I really love chinese food.. It's kindda normal, isn't it? My mom mostly cook chinese food and my family mostly eat chinese cuisine in chinese restaurant.. haha.. All about chinese food.. From that all kind of chinese food there's one kind that I love, dim sum!

DIM SUM (source

What is dim sum? 
Dim Sum refers to a style of  Chinese food  prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plate. Dim sum is also well known for the unique way it is served in some restaurants, where in fully cooked and ready-to-serve dim sum dishes are carted around the restaurant for customers to choose their orders while seated at their tables. Eating dim sum at a restaurant is usually known in Cantonese as going to "drink tea" 
(yum cha飲茶), as tea is typically served with dim sum. (source :

In Jakarta, I could hardly find some chinese restaurants that serve delicious dim sum, and of course affordable.. One of them is Sun City (LTC-Glodok).. It has a luxurious interior, the price is not really expensive because we got 30% discount by
using some credit cards which have promotions here.. Hehehe.. Here some pictures
that I captured when eating them..

Char Shiew Bao (steamed)

Baked Char Shiew Bao

Xiao Long Bao with red wine + black vinegar sauce

Lo Mai Gai 
This is what we got inside Lo Mai Gai :D

Shrimp Tofu Skin Roll

Har Gao

Shu Mai

Most of them shaped small, something that wrapped with another thing --> dumplings.. Since it's brought from some place in China, they often use either lard or pork inside each of these dumplings.. That's why I feel really hard to find the delicious (and affordable) one in Indonesia since the majority of Indonesian people don't eat all thing about pork.. But don't be afraid, we still can find the "halal" one in many restaurants.. :))

There are many of them that forgotten to be photographed (phoenix claws, taro dumplings, turnip cake, etc) because I ate them first then I realized that I haven't captured them.. Hahaha.. Greedy me..

I think that's all for this post.. See you on the next post! :D

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