Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sadness and Happiness in The End of 2012

Hi there! Haven't post anything within this month.. I could say that I had a very hard time this month but still as written in the post title, I also got another happy time..

First thing came up in this month is brokenheart, yeahh love problem and I broken up with my boy, no he's not my boy, he's my man.. As my friend said, walking all alone is easy but walking all alone after having someone to walk together would feel like you're abandoned by the world.. I feel really really really sad but I won't write down our problem here.. :) The second thing and the only happy thing happened this month is my dad's birthday.. Well I have to admit that lately I'm getting away from my dad, we got so many different thought about anyhting and it makes me feel like don't wanna come back home every weekend.. :'( He's also getting busier than before so we almost not meet each other for a month.. But then he came back home from his business trip right on his birthday so we have a family dinner on that night at Gandy Steak, HayamWuruk.

The Ceiling that always amazed me everytime I saw it

Favorite authentic butter bread as appetizer
Not much photos for this time.. This place always reminds me about my childhood.. This is the first steak I've eaten from my childhood and being my favourite one until now.. Even my mom tell me that when she was about giving birth of me, the thing she wanna ate is Gandy Steak's Beef Picatta and after she eaten it, I was born.. hahaha.. One of my favourite thing here is the butter bread, everytime we came we'll be served a fresh from the oven butter bread with a pack of butter.. Then, we always ordered Beef Picatta for our steak but that night I ordered Steak ala Gandy (sorry I didn't take the photo of the steak hehe).. The thing I love about this steak is the gravy, I couldn't find the same gravy as I have here.. Besides, they also served with mushroom and pickled onion :)

After that dinner my dad decided to buy a chocolate cake for himself but it's too late, the bakery was closed and he said he'll buy it the day after.. Why it must be a chocolate cake? Because that's the only cake he like.. hahahaha.. And oh, since we're chinese people, we usually celebrate birthday with eating noodles as a symbol of long life, so we eat it for lunch in the day after my dad's birthday.. Then, for dinner we went to Emporium Pluit because my dad change his mind and decided to buy mille crepes for his birthday cake.. :p
We went to Chef' Table by Din Tai Fung and we ate the typical chinese cuisine plus Xiao Long Bao dumplings..

Chinese Tea

Xiao Long Bao dumplings