Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super Happy Halloween!!

Yup! This is the first Halloween celebration in my life, actually I wasn't really celebrating it, but my college's gym did it.. I'm a bit frightened at the beginning, but I found it fun.. People who got make up in their faces are the gym staffs, they did great right??


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something Western

Because of so many things happened, I became super lazy to do my final project, so I choose to blog.. haha

About a week ago I got really bored and I decided to read David Lebovitz's website. Actually I don't really know who is he but I like his posts so much! He posted so many kinds of French food either it is the recipe or review about French restaurant. They all looked really delicous, altough they are not familiar for me. After that I thought I really want to have any kind of western food. One of the greatest western restaurant around my campus is The Harvest, so I decided to go there with Joshua the day after.

Actually The Harvest was well-known for the cake product, but for Depok branch they sell many kinds of dine-in menu.

For beverages, we ordered Ice Lemon Tea. There was so many things to drink that looked really nice, but I need something cold and fresh, since it was really hot that day. And I think Joshua felt the same. haha

Ice Lemon Tea

For the appetizer, I got Nicoise Salad. The dressing look really thick and creamy, but it was not overwhelming at all. :)

Nicoise Salad

For the side dishes, I ordered sautee mushrooms and mashed potato. I didn't know why I really want to eat mushrooms at that time. haha. 

Sautee Mushrooms

Mashed Potato

Joshua ordered Penne Pasta w/ seafood and at the end he decided to order The Harvest's Strawberry Cheesecake which been the most favorite cheesecake for him. :p

Penne w/ Seafood

Sliced Strawberry Cheesecake
Before we go, I came inside the cake shop and look around the display cabinet. Then I found some interesting macarons and I bought 3 of them; banana, blueberry, and pistachio flavor. :)

I was really happy that day for having great lunch after reading a great website about food. It felt like I really hungry for many days but then I could eat something super! :)))))

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lawson Station Part 2

Blogpost kali ini edisi khusus bahasa Indonesia boleh ya? :)

Beberapa hari belakangan ini sering terlintas di pikiran saya untuk mencoba makanan di beberapa tempat, khususnya di sekitar Depok, dimana kampus saya berada. Di suatu siang menjelang sore, tiba-tiba rasa lapar menghantui, karena memang belum makan siang sama sekali. Setelah berputar-putar sedikit di jalan Margonda, saya menemukan gerai Lawson Station dan memutuskan untuk masuk ke sana.

Menu yang ingin saya coba saat itu adalah Oden, karena menurut rekomendasi beberapa teman rasanya unik dan rendah kalori. :) Kemudian saya memesan beberapa varian oden yang terlihat cukup menarik yaitu sandwich tofu, edamame ball, dan cheesy star.
Kemudian saya memesan curry don-nya karena saya sangat suka dengan masakan kari jepang dan penasaran seperti apa rasa curry don di Lawson.


Edamame Ball

Untuk keseluruhan oden, menurut saya cukup enak dan akan terasa menyenangkan jika dimakan ketika sedang hujan, karena kuahnya sangat menghangatkan. Dan dari ketiga varian oden yang saya makan ini, menurut saya cheesy star paling terasa isinya, yang lainnya agak hambar tapi justru sehat.
Curry don sendiri rasanya sebenarnya standar, tapi ada yang terasa aneh dengan wortel dan bumbu kari-nya. Ketika dimakan, wortel-nya terasa terlalu kering dan bumbu karinya terasa agak lengket di lidah. Tapi secara keseluruhan masih acceptable kok.

Curry Don

Merasa kurang puas dengan apa yang saya pesan, sebelum pulang saya kembali melihat-lihat produk yang dijual Lawson dan saya tertarik untuk mencoba dorayaki, mochi dan salah satu udon instan yang dijual di sana. Saya membeli Dorayaki dengan isian kacang merah dan mochi rasa black forest. Ternyata rasanya sangat enak terutama untuk mochi-nya, karena benar-benar terasa seperti kue black forest sesungguhnya (walaupun menurut saya krim-nya terlalu banyak).

Ogura Dorayaki

Bagian dalam Mochi

Setelah memakan semuanya, beberapa hari kemudian saya memutuskan untuk memasak udon instan ini, dan ternyata rasanya enak karena aroma khas rumput laut dan seafood-nya.

NongShim Instant Udon

Isi dari kemasan

Tada!! Hasil masakan saya :)
Untuk harga produk yang dijual di sana tergolong menengah, dan untuk makanan menurut saya cukup terjangkau. Sekian postingan kali ini, sampai jumpa di post selanjutnya :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Lunch Time - Nan Xiang

Hi everyone!
Long time no see (see who?) hahaha

I've got so many food photos but I have no time to post it here, since I'm on my final year in University and doing a final project. :'(

Today's post is about the menu that my family likes to eat when we go out to some typical chinese restaurants. Because there are so many of them, I'll post it in another post with the same title but different sub-title. hahaha

Still fresh on my mind how we had this great family lunch time in Nan Xiang, Mall Taman Anggrek. My dad just passed by this restaurant and found out that they was having many credit cards promo, so my dad asked us to eat our lunch here.

For the appetizer, we had one of the most popular chinese cuisine named Wu Xiang Rou. My mom told me that it took a lot of time to cook this, so the spices could get into the meat. Some restaurants served it dry, but the rest of them served it like this. The unique thing about Nan Xiang's Wu Xiang Rou is they served it with yellow tofu, and it's good! :)

Wu Xiang Rou (Five Spice Beef)

For the side dishes we ordered Shrimp with Nan Xiang Special Sauce, Broccoli (no photo because nothing special with it haha), Tofu cooked in Black Bean Paste, and Fried Duck. I really like the shrimp, because of the authentic sauce. The tofu is too salty for me, but the duck is really satisfying. :9

Shrimp w/ Nan Xiang Special Sauce

Tofu Cooked in Black Bean Paste

Fried Duck
 For the fried duck, they served it with some small mantou (chinese steam bun) and peking duck special sauce. It's mouthwatering, isn't it??

After we ate all of the menu, we prefer went to Chatime (a bubble tea stall) to bought our drinks. Actually we ordered 4 but I only took a picture of this two hahaha. They are Pearl Milk Tea and Hazelnut Choco Milk Peark, another two drinks is Blended Matcha w/ Red Bean and Grass Jelly in Fresh Milk.

So many things I want to share with all of you, but yeah I have to admit that I got to do my final project and some tasks from some subjects (due to mid test haha) that I took this semester. Wish me luck! :D