Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Family Lunch in Paradise (Inn)

Hello there!! January is almost end and I haven't post many things I ate this month.. hahaha..
January always mean so much to me because it's my birthday month!! :D
But yeah after so much things happened in last December, I feel this month isn't as good as before, and that's not the thing I wanna share in this post! :p

Last Friday my dad remind me that we haven't bought a birthday cake for me yet and on Sunday he asked me about what I wanna eat for lunch, then I said I'm not sure but I wanna go to Plaza Indonesia to buy myself a (super late) birthday cake.. hahahaha.. Then we went there and my dad said he wants to eat Chinese cuisine for lunch (as always).. After bought the cake, my dad seems fall for a quite small busy Chinese restaurant named Paradise Inn..

Interior decoration

Unique Dining Table Lamp
The place is really comfortable for me and they designed it like an authentic Chinese eatery.. I really love the interior decoration, especially the dining table lamp.. :) And another thins I like here is the cutlery set! Though I couldn't understand what's written in every cutlery, but I really like the design..
Unique Cutlery Set

Chinese Tea
White Rice

On that day, we ordered many dishes for 6 pax eating.. There are fish menu, vegetable, tofu, etc..

Sauteed Leather Jacket Fish in Black Bean Sauce

Hot Plate Tofu With Preserved Cai Xin

Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio in Superior Stock

Sauteed Broccoli with Crystal Prawn

The Superior Crystal Prawn :9

Teochow Style Crisp-fried Prawn Roll

Stewed Pork Belly Served with Lotus Bun

 Overall the food has a really good taste, especially the sauteed fish though it's not their signature dish.. The stewed pork belly in lotus bun has a great taste too! I have to admit that the food is a little bit expensive but it's worth! They used high quality ingredients and so as the result, the taste is really great too.. :)

Yep! The next photo is my birthday cake.. Actually my birthday is on January 8th, but because my family member are so busy with their own business, we almost forgot to celebrate it untill my dad push me to.. :p Actually this is my first time to try this cake.. I've known this from one of Indonesian famous culinary journal website - .. The one we bought is All Chocolate (half kg).. We really enjoy it and what made us feel satisfied was the major ingridient they use, dark chocolate exactly! It's not too sweet for us yet the taste of chocolate was really melted in our mouth.. :9

Happy birthday to me!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Taiwanese food

Taiwanese food has always looks good & doesn't look really different with chinese food for me.. But I haven't try any of them untill I found Little Taiwan at Emporium Pluit Mall.. The restaurant looks very active yet comfortable.. My mom was curious about the food too so we decided to have dinner here :)
We ordered many kinds of famous Taiwanese food and snacks here..

Crispy Salted Chicken

Taiwanese Special Toast

Beef Braised Noodle

Special Stewed Rice Set 

Tang Tang Noodle

Golden Yam Ball
Crabstick Roll

After having a great taiwanese style dinner, we walk around the mall and start searching for a drink.. Then we saw Come Buy's long queue and interested to join it.. hahaha 

Ikkudo Ichi - PIK

My first younger bro has been craving for noodle for so long.. He love all kinds of noodle and one of them is Ramen.. There's many ramen stall opened in Jakarta lately and my bro's friend suggest him to go to Ikkudo Ichi, when many people recommend me to try Ikkousha.. Because that night my bro's driving so me and my youngest bro just follow him wherever he want.. hahaha

The Menu
Interrior decoration
Something weird dettected when I was about exploring the dessert menu.. As seen as these pictures, they have Wasabi flavoured gelato.. I couldn't imagine how does it taste.. :3

Wasabi Flavoured J-Lato???
So, my youngest bro ordered chicken ramen.. He always ordered chicken menu everywhere and I still wondering why.. :B
Ikkudo's Tori Kara

This is my first younger bro's ramen.. Really delicious curry with tender pork belly :9
Buta Curry
And.... This is mine! :) It's not ramen I think, they use big thick noodle for this menu and served seperately with the soup.. I really like the taste of the soup, i could taste the spices though it's too salty for me..
Tonkutso Tsukemen

The Soup

Pork belly, Scallion, Poached egg, Mushroom
Another thing I like here is they served the menu with generous amount of garlic.. They even prepared a bowl of fresh garlic with the smasher included, so we could add them whenever we want and as much as we want.. :9

I added the garlic like crazy :D

First time I looked at the noodle I think I'll never eat it all, but they placed a small bamboo tray in the bottom of the noodle so it just look full when it's not :p
Domo Arigato Gozaimasta