Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Favourite (Sinful) Onigiri!

Suddenly I remember i haven't eat onigiri (japanese rice ball) almost in two weeks..
yeah.. there's someone who sells onigiri in my campus and since we are having mid test now, he/she don't sell it in these two weeks..

Honestly, I haven't eat the original one which I believe it will be very different from what I eat here, but I really like the taste of this onigiri.. The price is a bit higher than other snack, Rp 10.000 now.. 

Me and my friend call it "Sinful Onigiri" because it really feels like calling us to buy and eat them on and on if they're available in the shop (named "KOPMA") and of course because it drains away our wallet.. :D
The variant that sold here is Tuna-Mayo, Salmon-Mayo, and Chicken Teriyaki-Mayo.. From these three choices, Tuna-Mayo is my favourite one.. All of this onigiri were packed in a special onigiri plastics.. I'm glad to use it.. Really helpful!

Yes! It's my favourite one! :D

Here is the instruction, how to open the packaging




This is it!! :D

The filling - Tuna + Mayonnaise.. Nom nom nom..

Interesting, isnt it?? The packaging is very unique and just made for onigiri.. My mom said that this onigiri special plastic has it own patent.. Cool!

As I said from last post that I will post my instagram photo result, so here it is :)

Photo taken by : me
Using Samsung Galaxy S II - instagram