Friday, March 8, 2013

A Kind-hearted Korean Chef from Jong Ga Korea

Annyeonghaseyo! Hehehe.. I guess almost everybody would notice and understand this phrase quickly.. Yess, this post will review many menu from one of the nearest korean restaurant from my house.. The name is *drumroll* JONG GA KOREA.. Actually I've been there twice, my first visit was in July'12 (quite long ago), and my second was last Sunday.. So this post will give you many pictures of my two visits there :D

At first time we (I and my family) decided to go there was just because we saw a sign says they're having 30% discount promo as a new opened restaurant. And the second time was because they still have this promo.. Hahahaha.. 

Side dishes
In my first time being in an authentic korean restaurant, I'm a lil' bit shocked because they served so many side dishes even if we didn't ask for it.. As the picture above they served spinach, kimchi, beansprout, sweet potato, fried omelette (with a lot of vegetables), and many other vegetables.. :)

Many vegetables to be served with BBQ meat
Fermented soya bean paste and sweet sauce
Chef Yoon help us to served the BBQ meat
Jjang! This is it!

For the first-timer like us on that day, Chef Yoon (I could say he is the owner) help us to served the barbeque meat in Korean way.. He teach us how Korean people eat their BBQ meat as you can see in the picture above.. They use leaf - meat - soybean paste / sweet sauce - garlic / carrot / chili / zucchini.. Actually, he also suggest me to take some raw carrot and chili, but I don't really like them so this is what goin inside my stomach.. hahaha.. They give us two or three kinds of leaf, but then I choose this leaf (I don't really know what's the name, but some says it's mint leaf) and I was really shocked of the taste.. For me, it smells like handsoap.. :p

Sundubu Jjigae

Sundubu Jjigae is a korean style tofu soup.. For the soup they have many ingredients such as korean silk tofu, beef, shrimp, clam, and many vegetables.. They served it with a bowl of rice plus a super big stainless bowl of fresh green vegetables.. In some way I think that they served too many vegetables.. hahaha.. Chef Yoon told us to mix all the rice with the green vegetables and after that, pour some tofu soup into it.. Though it looks really messy, the taste was really good, really refreshing.. :)

Dolsot Bibimbap
Dolsot bibimbap is a korean style hot stone mixed rice.. It contains many kind of vegetables (again), meat, raw egg, and a little amount of nori.. It mixed all together with korean special spicy sauce and some soy sauce in a sizzling hot stone bowl.. :)

And this is Japchae a.k.a. sauted glass noodle with vegetable.. This menu is very standard, but the different is they use import quality glass noodle which cooked with a lot of sesame oil.. :)

For the second visit, we ordered almost the same thing with the first, but they served them in a little bit different way from the first.. We got different side dishes menu too.. Chef Yoon was not guiding their guests  the way to eat the food anymore, but he still came to our table to greet and give us a wet towel.. He is so humble, really kind-hearted person.. :')

Side dishes for our second visit

Sauteed fishcake
Sauteed beansprout
Sauteed spinach

Tofu Omelette
This supposed to be sweet potato, but they changed it to sweet cooked baby potato :D
Leaves and garlic for BBQ

Dolsot Bibimbap

Sundubu Jjigae
Geram Cin
For our second visit, they no longer served sundubu jjigae with a big bowl of green vegetables.. No more overwhelming amount of vegetables.. Hehehe.. And another thing is suddenly Chef Yoon came out from the kitchen and served Geram Cin (steamed egg with green onions) to us as another complimentary menu.. This is really spongy yet yummy :)

After having two times experiencing the great service here, I think I started loving this restaurant.. Can't wait to go there again.. 

Note : In our second visit, when we want to go home, there was a quite heavy rain pouring outside. In this situation, Chef Yoon then initiatively asked one of the waiter to lend us an umbrella.. He is really a good person right??


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    1. Wahh apanya nih yang konsisten maksudnya, van?

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