Thursday, February 21, 2013

CNY 2013

Happy Chinese New Year for all who celebrate it! A lil' bit late, but of course we can still greet Chinese people a happy new year until the 15th night a.k.a. Cap Go Me a.k.a. this 24th Feb.. :))

In this post, I'd like to share what I and my family had eaten for last Chinese New Year Eve.. Hehe.. This year we didn't celebrate CNY like we did before, because we still haven't pass 100days since my grandpa passed away.. My mom's family especially, don't give any angpau this year.. :'(
But CNY is not all about angpau, right? It's about gathered with family.. Having a great time together.. :)

Shark Fin Soup


Steamed Fish
Pe Cam Ke a.k.a. stewed chicken

Fried Vermicelli

Broccoli with fish

Fried Frog with garlic

Fried Prawn w/ Oat

Special Fried Tofu
Actually, almost all of these were bought from a resto, because my mom had not enough energy to cook oll the menu.. hahaha.. So, can you guess what menu exactly did my mom cooked? The answer will be given at the end of this post :p

After finished eating all of them, we still have something to eat.. :D
In some way, I feel those were too much, but I can't complaint, because this is a celebration! YEAH!!!

I don't know what's the name :D
This "bao" usually filled with tausa (black bean).. But this time my mom bought the one with green bean filling.. hehe.. I seldom find this "bao", but when I found it usually it's chinese people praying time and yes, my mom get this for CNY pray..

X.O Hennessy Cognac
My family member wasn't really good in drinking alcohol. But sometime, we opened a bottle just too enjoy the feast of a celebration.. *cheers*
FYI, my grandma like to add a little amount of this on her shark fin soup.. -..-'

Eaton's CNY Peach Cake

I'm not really a fan of fruit cake, but everytime I saw Eaton's, I feel like my stomach's calling me to eat them.. haha.. YES! The appearance of the cake is always great, with the fruity garnish everywhere giving them so many colors and they attracted me successfully.. :D

Nata's Green Tea Almond Cookies and Button Cheese
The last but not least, we eat many kinds of cookies for CNY.. These two is a little bit special for me because of the price and the taste! Hahaha.. OK, let's forget the price!
The one I like the most is the right side, Button Cheese.. They made it in two layer, the top is sweet standard meringue, and the bottom is super cheesy cheesy cookies.. When they eaten together it taste like heaven!! Hahahahaha..

As you can see, so many great dishes and snacks (and also mandarin oranges) I've eaten in CNY celebration, don't you dare to ask how many kilo I gained in 2 days!! hahaha.. OK, I'll tell ya! I gained a kilo in 2 days! :'(
And for the answer of my last question about what menu did my mom cooked herself are : shark fin soup and steamed fish.. hehehehe

新年快乐!! 恭喜发财!!
Xīn nián kuài lè!! Gōng xǐ fā cái!!

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