Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Churros - Spanish Doughnut


This time I wanna share a bit about one of my favorite snack in town. CHURROS - A spanish doughnut which is often served with (and even dipped in) hot chocolate. Yes, it's not an easy-to-find food in my town, Jakarta. Actually, the first time I ate this stuff was when I was still in elementary school. At that time a new supermarket was opened at SCBD, Jakarta, which named The Club Store. It sold many imported goods, mainly from USA, and my family and I often went there on Sunday. This store was opened before Carrefour came to Indonesia, so it was really crowded in every visit I made. 

After buy many kind of stuffs, we usually sit on their small food corner which sold many kinds of delicious food. Dimsum's shumai (siomai), American style pizza (thin crust and jumbo size), Hotdog, refillable soft drink, and churros. There are many other food but I don't really interested with them hahaha. The first time I saw people eating churros I was really excited to try it too, but since I was a small kid and just could asked my parents to buy me some. After many times asked them to buy churros, my dad then buy 2 churros for 4 of us and we fell in love with churro at the very first bite :P

I could remember the taste was crispy (outside) but tender (inside), and the cinnamon aroma was really well-matched with the churro itself. They used granulated sugar for the icing and they don't served it with any dipping sauce. I even drooling when I write this post because I try to remember how it taste like. 

Many years after that, this store was closed down (i don't know why), and changed the name to Grand Lucky. Since then, we never visit it anymore until a month ago I went there after class and I found they doesn't sell any churros anymore. :( Then I found a place where served churros in Jakarta called Churreria. Churreria have many kinds of churros servings. One of my favorites was like the photo below.

I couldn't remember what is this menu called haha.
It contains 6 churros (with cinnamon sugar icing) and 2 kinds of dipping sauce (dark chocolate & caramel). The texture was super cripsy outside and a little bit soft inside. I could say it's too dry for me, because the soft section is too small. The cinnamon sugar also wasn't as good as what The Club Store give us, but I love the dipping sauce. The chocolate and caramel sauce is really improving the taste of these churros.

Beside this, Churreria also served their churros with many kinds of ice cream and any other toppings which make it looks colorful and even glorious. For me, it looks attractive, but I still prefer the original one. :)

Another place to find churros in Jakarta is Los Churros. I was accidentally found this place in my way home from campus. The place is small and they only sell churros for "take away". The have many kinds of dipping sauce like chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and strawberry. They even have filled churros (churros with sauces filling inside). I like the texture, it's softer than Churreria's but it still different from what I want. Los Churros dipping sauce texture is also different from Churreria's, which for me, it's too thick. It's more like a custard than a dipping sauce. hehehe. For Los Churros, I prefer their filled churros but they need to add more filling so it will taste better. And oh I forgot to take a picture of the churros I bought from Los Churros, here some photos which I took from Los Churros' twitter account. Check it out!

Los Churros (photo by Los Churros)
Churros with dipping sauce (photo by Los Churros)
In conclusion, I haven't met the most perfect churros in Jakarta like the one which The Club Store served, but in order to find it, I will keep on searching for any other churros store in my town. :)

P.S: If any of you know any other churros store in Jakarta and surrounding areas, please tell my by mention it in the comment section. Okay? See you in the next post :)


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