Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something Western

Because of so many things happened, I became super lazy to do my final project, so I choose to blog.. haha

About a week ago I got really bored and I decided to read David Lebovitz's website. Actually I don't really know who is he but I like his posts so much! He posted so many kinds of French food either it is the recipe or review about French restaurant. They all looked really delicous, altough they are not familiar for me. After that I thought I really want to have any kind of western food. One of the greatest western restaurant around my campus is The Harvest, so I decided to go there with Joshua the day after.

Actually The Harvest was well-known for the cake product, but for Depok branch they sell many kinds of dine-in menu.

For beverages, we ordered Ice Lemon Tea. There was so many things to drink that looked really nice, but I need something cold and fresh, since it was really hot that day. And I think Joshua felt the same. haha

Ice Lemon Tea

For the appetizer, I got Nicoise Salad. The dressing look really thick and creamy, but it was not overwhelming at all. :)

Nicoise Salad

For the side dishes, I ordered sautee mushrooms and mashed potato. I didn't know why I really want to eat mushrooms at that time. haha. 

Sautee Mushrooms

Mashed Potato

Joshua ordered Penne Pasta w/ seafood and at the end he decided to order The Harvest's Strawberry Cheesecake which been the most favorite cheesecake for him. :p

Penne w/ Seafood

Sliced Strawberry Cheesecake
Before we go, I came inside the cake shop and look around the display cabinet. Then I found some interesting macarons and I bought 3 of them; banana, blueberry, and pistachio flavor. :)

I was really happy that day for having great lunch after reading a great website about food. It felt like I really hungry for many days but then I could eat something super! :)))))

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