Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Blissful Trip to a Chocolate Factory

Yeay! Finally I could visit a chocolate factory! Though it was just a semi-industry factory, this was still an interesting trip.. :) Yup! As you can see below, it was a gathering event which was held by Chocomory and yukmakan.. 
Okay, before I tell you further about my trip, I would explain a lil' bit about Chocomory.. Some of you will say that the name is a bit familiar, right? Yes, you are totally right! Chocomory is a part Cimory Group.. It's just launched in December 2012, and they're planning to expand this business to some locations in short-term! Be ready to have some chocolate overdose time after visited Chocomory outlet!! Hehehe

We (travel & food bloggers) visited Chocomory factory which is located in Cimory Riverside.. Cimory Riverside have a restaurant, Cimory outlet, Chocomory factory and Chocomory outlet..
The Restaurant
Restaurant Environment
Cake and Dessert Display

Riverside Scenery
Restaurant Environment
Such a wonderful place right?? A perfect escape for busy people (especially Jakarta citizens)! Hehehe.. As we arrived there, we are warmly welcomed by Miss Indesa Saputri & Mr. Axel Sutantio as part of Chocomory..
Mr. Axel Sutantio was giving us a brief introduction
We arrived there a bit late, so the first agenda was LUNCH! Hahaha.. This is what everyone's waiting for, because almost all of us haven't eaten anything since morning :(
They offer 4 menu for us to choose : Nasi Goreng Chicken BBQ (a.k.a. Chicken BBQ Fried Rice), Spiral Kanzler Sausage, Ring Kanzler Sausage, and Chicken Cordon Bleu..
Nasi Goreng Chicken BBQ
Spiral Kanzler Sausage
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Ring Kanzler Sausage
The food was look the same as another in any other restaurant, but when you taste them, you'll get the differences! Besides well-known for its dairy product, Cimory also produce a high quality processed meat, so I could say it was really good (at least for all bloggers in my table).. The fried rice may looks really simple, but it taste extradorinary (in a good way).. The sausages was really tasty and for me, it's perfectly cooked because it wasn't too dry :) The Chicken Cordon Bleu was delicous too! They used cheddar cheese instead of mozza, but the taste was just perfect! Hmmm.. I started to think of them again *drool*

Next, we continue our trip to the most important part - chocolate factory!
Forest themed decoration in front of the factory
First of all, we started our chocolate journey with a presentation session.. Mr. Axel explain a lot of information about Chocomory history, company vision, the mission, their production system and of course the product..
After that, we enter the factory and yeah, it was clean enough for me and as we can see, all things were neatly arranged.. It wasn't the same as what I expected..
some products
Cool huh? What a simple, neat, and clean factory.. All things here makes me really happy.. 
Especially these product sampler! *ups* :D
They served some of their favourite product --> Chocolate Covered..
These are Chocolate Covered Cornflakes, Chocoreo, Wafer Fingers, Almond Crunchies, and Cookie Coins.. They all taste really good for me, but I prefer the Chocolate Covered Cookie Coins the most because I could have a balance taste between the taste of the buttery cookie and the sweet milk chocolate.. The second is Chocolate Covered Almond Crunchies.. Why? The taste is really unique and I can't stand to resist the caramel aroma.. But the problem is, it's too sweet for me.. The sweet that came from the chocolate and the caramel was somehow overwhelmed me.. I think it'll taste better if they use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate (this is just my opinion).. 
Product Sampler
Then, we saw how the factory staffs made a chocolate bar.. Looks so easy until........... until I tried it myself LOL
After explaining how Chocomory get their product ingredients, Mr. Axel then show us the form of theor raw materials - chocolate couverture..
Next, one of Chocomory's chocolate expert show us how to make chocolate pralines.. This one is filled with hazelnut chocolate butter, it tastes similar to my favourite choco spread, Nutella. :)
Checking the chocolate's temperature
Pralines filling techniques
After making pralines, he also show us how to make a chocolate bar and we (the bloggers and yukmakan team) try it ourselves.. Yeah! This is the best part of the trip! We could experienced the making process and also consume it later hehehehe
Almonds & Cashews for filling
Melted Milk Chocolate Couverture
The first step of making a chocolate bar is, covering all the mold surface with chocolate (if you wanna add a filling, but if you don't, I think we could just pour the chocolate). Then add any filling you want (but be sure that it isn't too much, if you want to make the easier to be processed). After that, just cover all the surface with a lot of chocolate :p After we clean up all excess chocolate of the mold, we have to cool them for about 5-10 minutes in a chiller..
My Creation :)
Cooling time!
Tadaaaa!! This is what my chocolate bar looks.. Tempting? Of course!!! :D
Happy face after my chocolate's ready!
At last, we visited the outlet to buy some products and of course to take so many pictures.. Hehehe.. All I saw there was the neatly arranged products and I love how they designed the outlet.. It felt like I'm in a chocolate forest :D
Among all the decorations, I was interested with this poster that say "Exercise is a dirty word... Every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with CHOCOLATE" hahahaha This make me feel like giving up with my fat loss program :D
At last, I would like to thank Chocomory for giving us such a great happy day with a lot of exciting experiences and knowledge.. And I won't forget to thank yukmakan team for letting me join this event.. I've met many new friends here and I hope I could join another events ahead! :)

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