Saturday, September 8, 2012

All I Found in My Internship Program

As I said from the previous post, last July and August I took an internship program at Indofood and these are what I found...

First time eating snack for lunch in the taxi :'(

Here, Indofood have Pop Mie as a local brand instant cup noodle but for export they have Indomie Cup Noodle Satay Flavour :)

Having a cup of coffee in the middle of meeting

My Favourite Nai Cha a.k.a. milk tea

Charsew chicken

Bakmi GM's Black Pepper Beef Rice


SUPER Cheesy Kastengel

Fried Ice cream

Ice Jelly

Beef Noodle

Kolak for Buka Puasa Karyawan

Iced Lemon Tea with Kenny Roger's Muffin

Kenny Roger's Quarter Meal

Special Herb Chicken
I found it all fun to try a new exciting food!!! :))

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