Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Finally, I found a jarcake at home! haha..
It's not me who bought that, it's my bro.. I feel a bit wierd about that, how come my bro bought it as he isn't a fan of cake.. :P
Then I asked him what made him bought this cake in all of sudden even if I didn't tell him that I want this cake so much.. and he just replied my question with this answer "I bought it because I'm helping a friend of mine"..
Haha.. He is helping his friend's that got a campus assessment to sell 100 products / person.. Isn't he sweet? :)

Red Velvet~~~

Rainbow Cake~~~

Looks good right?? I have no other advice, except "Go on, TRY IT!" :D

Photo taken by me
Using Samsung GALAXY SII


  1. It was very nice of your brother to help his friend out like that. The cakes look really yummy, I love cream.

  2. yess.. it's really delicious.. :D
    Is this cake also popular in your country?

    1. Cakes are very popular in Australia. We love cake.

  3. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower :)

  4. Hi, Ashley.. Hello from Indonesia! :)
    I'm glad to know that you like it.
    I hope you could enjoy what I write, eventhough my English isn't good enough. :D