Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Japanese Curry, anyone??

I still don't really know what to do with this blog.. Haha.. (so what am I doing now?)

I suddenly realized that I'm obssesed with japanese curry lately.. haha.. Then I remember some photos that taken while eating them.. I hope I don't feel hungry by uploading these pictures..

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice - Takarajima (Depok)
You know what? I'm eating this plus cukka wakame all alone.. what a very lonely weekend.. :')
Untill now, I think this is one of the most delicious curry rice I've eaten, besides Hoka Hoka Bento's Beef Curry Rice, which is no longer exist now.. :'(((

Beef Katsu Curry Rice - Tokio Kitchen (Central Park)

Beef Curry Udon - Ichiban Sushi (Margo City)
I don't know why I don't quite like this curry udon, maybe the ingridients was not fresh enough, so I found it a lil' bit wierd when eaten.. :'(

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)
You must be thinking that I really like chicken katsu curry rice from everywhere, since I got so many photos of them. But I tell you that I thought this is a very standard menu for curry, so I tried this menu almost in every restaurant that sells japanese curry menu.. And they taste different in different place! So I think it's a good way to judge wether the curry spices of a place is delicious or not..

Beef Hamburg curry *something* (can't really remember the name) - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)

Shrimp Cheese Curry Ramen - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)

Zoom in! hehe

Beef Sausage Omelet Curry Rice - Mr Curry (Grand Indonesia)

Hmmm.. My stomach start callin me to eat something by lookin on these picture.. LoL..
Finally I posted something here!! Yeahh...
Really sorry if the photos were not good enough to be seen, I'm trying to take them from a good angle, but there is it..

See you on the next post!

Photo Taken By : Me
Using SAMSUNG Galaxy SII


  1. Hello Lydia, salam kenal, hehe :).
    It's very nice blog, blognya berhasil bikin laper, hihi.
    Btw, visit blog-ku ya, follow juga kalo nggak keberatan, hehe.

  2. coba pake Indo, pasti lucu..hihihi

  3. nahh.. itu dia masalahnya.. karena bakalan jadi lucu, makanya ga pake bahasa indonesia.. hohoho

  4. I like curry too, especially katsu chicken curry. I've tried beef katsu curry and pork but I didn't like it as much.

  5. Wow.. Hello, nice to know you! :D
    I've tried beef katsu curry, and it taste okay for me.. :)
    but still better beef curry than beef katsu curry..