Friday, January 4, 2013

Ikkudo Ichi - PIK

My first younger bro has been craving for noodle for so long.. He love all kinds of noodle and one of them is Ramen.. There's many ramen stall opened in Jakarta lately and my bro's friend suggest him to go to Ikkudo Ichi, when many people recommend me to try Ikkousha.. Because that night my bro's driving so me and my youngest bro just follow him wherever he want.. hahaha

The Menu
Interrior decoration
Something weird dettected when I was about exploring the dessert menu.. As seen as these pictures, they have Wasabi flavoured gelato.. I couldn't imagine how does it taste.. :3

Wasabi Flavoured J-Lato???
So, my youngest bro ordered chicken ramen.. He always ordered chicken menu everywhere and I still wondering why.. :B
Ikkudo's Tori Kara

This is my first younger bro's ramen.. Really delicious curry with tender pork belly :9
Buta Curry
And.... This is mine! :) It's not ramen I think, they use big thick noodle for this menu and served seperately with the soup.. I really like the taste of the soup, i could taste the spices though it's too salty for me..
Tonkutso Tsukemen

The Soup

Pork belly, Scallion, Poached egg, Mushroom
Another thing I like here is they served the menu with generous amount of garlic.. They even prepared a bowl of fresh garlic with the smasher included, so we could add them whenever we want and as much as we want.. :9

I added the garlic like crazy :D

First time I looked at the noodle I think I'll never eat it all, but they placed a small bamboo tray in the bottom of the noodle so it just look full when it's not :p
Domo Arigato Gozaimasta

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