Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hola Amigos!

Hola! It's been 3 weeks I haven't post anything here.. actually I'm having final test in this 3 weeks and it felt like thousand years of torture.. haha #notlikely

In this three weeks I found out a TV show called "Man V. Food" and it's really interesting!
The host is Adam Richman, who tried to eat many signature food in almost every city in USA and in the end of every episode he will join an eating challenge. The eating challenge will dare him to eat either extremely hot food or extremely huge portion of food. Most of the signature food are hamburger, steak, and burrito.

At that time, I really really want to try Mexican food such as Taco or Burrito. Then, I try to find Mexican Restaruant in my lovely super crowded city, Jakarta. After that I realized that there's just a plenty of them in Jakarta, so I try to find the one that near my house and.... Gotcha! There's Mexican Restaurant called AMIGOS in Bellagio Mall, Kuningan.

For appetizer, we ordered Seafood Salad and Shrimp Mexican Pizza. Oh I forgot, I went there with mom and my two lil' bro. haha.
The salad was sooo fresh and really tasty! For the pizza, I love the taste of the guacamole and salsa sauce. I'm not really interested with the sour cream, just because I'm not really love sour things.. :)

Seafood Salad

Shrimp Mexican Pizza

For the main course, we ordered a beef stripsteak. The first thing we try is the beef and it's really.... i don't know how to describe the flavour.. :p It's delicious and so the vegetable! After tasting it, I try to eat the caramelized onion and try the sauce that served together with the steak, it's all just perfect! When the steak was running out, we just realized that none of us has eaten the rice, then my bro ate them and he said that something is special with this rice. We all ate the rice and we said the same comment "it's tasty!"..

Beef Gonzales BBQ Stripsteak

The Steak

Chili sauce, caramelize onion, BBQ sauce

The Tasty Rice

The climax course is the BURRITO! This is my first time in my life to eat burrito. Guess what? I really love it! The one that we ordered here contains mexican fried rice, beans (maybe red beans), chicken chop, tomato, and many more. it topped with green chili sauce plus mozzarella cheese.. it's accompanied with guacamole and sour cream. It is a mouth watering meal, isn't it?

As we're eating our dish, there was a belly dance performance. it's a little bit shocked us because the dancer is japanese people! :))

Belly Dance Performance
Overall, we really happy with the dishes and the servings. The one that makes us a little upset is there's no "no smoking area" and almost 75% of them was smoking. :'(

PS : So sorry for the picture, the lighting there was not really good and affected the photos.. T.T

Photo taken by : me
Using : Samsung Galaxy S II


  1. Those are look so yummy! I'm hungry now :D

  2. mmmm mexican food. I haven't had mexican food since last year. I would to try it again.